Vintage Style Chevy 216 / 235 Cloth Covered Spark Plug Wire Set

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Set of seven spark plug wires for Chevy 216 or 235 Engine

Custom set of vintage style spark plug wires for your engine. High quality lacquer cloth braided wires in 7mm copper core or 8mm spiral core. Spark plug ends clip directly onto your spark plugs. Designed for inline 6 cylinder motors with point type caps. 90 degree HEI cap ends also available.

Our standard lengths sent are 12", 12", 14", 14", 17", 17", and 13" coil wire. If you require different lengths or angle ends, please message us prior to purchase for availability. 

  • 7mm Copper Core or 8mm Spiral Core wire for electronic ignitions
  • Socket type distributor ends
  • Straight Spark plug ends
  • Sold as set ready to install
  • Custom lengths, terminals, boots and different colors also available (please message us for info)