8.8mm Accel 300+ Ferro-Spiral race spark plug wire [Sold By The Foot]

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Universal Black 8.8mm spark plug wire

 Great for replacement automotive, motorcycle, atv, lawn mower, any engine spark plug wire, magneto coils, relocation kits, new engine look, hot rods, bobbers, v-twins, choppers, cafe racer, scrambler, truck, car suv, etc. Simply order to length and build your very own custom set of wires. We sell per foot so it's easier for you to order exactly how much you need. Doesn't hurt to order one or two feet longer!

The oversized 8.8mm wire features a double silicone construction rated at over 600 F and 60kV. High gloss black silicone wire jacket not only looks great, but resists heat extremes, petrochemicals, ozone and moisture better than so-called blended materials for greater durability and longer life. High-density, high-temperature silicone insulation provides greater dielectric strength and eliminates arcing and the effects of corona better than typical OE style rubber materials. All-Kevlar stranded inner core and fiberglass braiding add greater pull strength and terminal retention. Stainless steel and brass terminals provide unsurpassed electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance compared to terminals made of common or plated metals.

  • Ferro-Spiral core with 150 ohms/ft of resistance
  • Black silicone has 600 degrees Fahrenheit heat rating 
  • Meets or exceeds SAE specifications for an upgrade to OE ignition systems
  • 8.8mm width
  • Sold per FOOT! Number of qty = foot
  • Orders will be cut to length and shipped as one single long wire up to 50 feet.