Ton's Performance D510C style Ignition Coil, Square LS3 Gen V LT engines

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GM LS Engines - 12570616/12573190/12611424 Replacement coil (single)

*** SQUARE STYLE COIL. Please visually check under your hood to see if it is correct style for your vehicle. ***

Sold as single coil


Looking to replace your worn out LS coils with a more efficient upgrade? The new Ton's Performance LS Coil is ideal for your modern GM muscle car or truck. The coils are designed as a bolt-in replacement. 


Interchangeable part numbers: 

UF-413, UF413, CUF413

7805-1218, 78051218
52-1819, 521819
2505-311071, 2505311071
178-8411, 1788411
673-7002, 6737002
50227, 2-50227, 250227
GN10165, GN10165-11B1
D510C C1511 D513A D510C511 BSC1511
D513A, 5C1554, E893, D510C