Taylor 8mm Spiro-Pro 100% Silicone Spark Plug wire 30 ft spool

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Universal Silicone Taylor Spiro-Pro 8mm spark plug wire spool, 100 feet

  • Silicone Insulated
  • 8mm width
  • 350 Ohm Per Foot Resistance
  • Spiro-Wound With Stainless Steel Wire
  • Covered With A Conductive Fluorocarbon Material
  • Provides More Fire Power To the Spark Plugs
  • Sold per roll! 100 feet each roll 

Spiro Pro 8mm wire is the top choice of Racers and Enthusiasts due to its affordable value and overall high performance features. Offers heat protection to 600º F. Provides 65,000 volts of dielectric strength.