Vintage Cloth Braided Spark Plug Wires LSX LS1 LS LT SWAP Unassembled wire kit

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Vintage Spark Plug Wires 8mm Chevy LS / LT 

Looking to custom build your spark plug wires due to relocated coil to a different location? These wires let you custom tailor your spark plug wires to suit how you built your engine layout. Simply plug in the spark plug end, run the wires to how you wish, and from there you cut and crimp the other end to fit perfectly the way you want it to! Designed for LS1 style coils, those who did engine / motor swaps, coyote swaps, big block chevy, small block chevy, etc... 

Variety of spark plug wire colors available, different angle plug end and coil ends also available upon request! Please message us for any questions or concerns regarding color, boots or even different wire lengths you need!

Vintage Spark Plug Wire --


Braided spark plug wires from Vintage Wires mimic the old-school look of classic fabric wires, but with modern safety and performance. The 8 mm wires start with a spiral-wound suppression core, for use with modern ignition components, sealed with EDPM silicon insulation. Wires are finished in lacquer-covered cotton braid with a variety of colors available. Universal kits come with wire, boots and terminals to build your own set, or custom sets can be built in-house. 

  • (8) 42" wires with plug end pre-installed
  • (8) LS Coil boots and terminals loose
    - 45 degree sent by default, if 90 or 180 degree boots desired, please send us an email 
  • Can mix and match colors/angles if desired
  • Fully assembled sets also available
  • 100% Made in the USA with 1 year warranty