Woven Split Wire Loom [5 feet length]

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Flexible Self Wrapping Split Wire Loom, 5' feet 

Looking to add a little bit of protection on your wiring needs? These wire looms are made to look like a factory wiring job. Protecting all your visible wires with these woven flexible split wire looms to finish the look of your build very nicely! We've put together this listing especially for those who need some wires to fit their needs. We have a variety of sizes to choose from as well. We normally cut these to length (cleaner cut with hot knife), but if you order multiple quantity, it will be shipped as one single long wire loom!. Custom lengths also available upon request. Please message us for details. Vintage woven cloth primary wire is also available in various colors and gauges! Check our other listings or message us for availability!

  • Black durable and highly flexible self wrapping loom
  • Soft and quiet in high vibration environments
  • 25% edge overlap 
  • Cut and abrasion resistant
  • Works in temperature ranges from -94*F to 257*F (-70*C to 125*C)
  • Perfect for restoring old vintage classic cars /motorcycles / projects
  • Made in the USA, RoHS, CSA/UL approved
  • Cut to length